What should be used to connect skid to bungee


I did my first Bungee launch the other day, and although it was successful my parachord in which I made a loop that connected to the built in skid hook hung up and snagged a liitle before releasing from the bungee. I was wondering what you guys were using. The Key chain rings and such that I have do not fit the skid hook being that it is flush with the skid body plastic. Any ideas???



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Wonder what sort of material the fuselage is made of?
May be difficult to fix the new connector.
I have in use two versions: piece of brass tube - 4mm id, 5cm lenght - glued vertically into a whole in the fuselage, flush fitting.
A 3mm aglet is fixed to the parachord and fits easy into the tube. During launch as bungee rope gets loose the aglet falls down.
Second solution is an aglet fixed to a piece of plywood, sticked from inside throught the fuselage, well glued with epoxid resin.
This aglet - 2mm d and 3cm lenght is bent tailwards about 45 deg. The key chain ring will slip off perfectly. Positioning the coupler
as close as possible to the nose makes launching easy.
I had problems with bungee launch: used a small parachute and hit it with the airplane and crashed - so dont use a parachute.
Once the pusher prop snatched the chord and generated a crash - so dont launch with running engine.


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This can help you: two pieces of plywood glued with epoxid resin to the fuselage, and a kitchen hook screwed to the plywood. The hook is positioned 2/3 of the distance between the cog and the nose.



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I believe OP's question is more in regards to the plastic hook integrated into the RVJet skid. I use a keychain ring bent into an oval, but I also see the possibility for it to snag at odd angles. Open to ideas