What is the ideal number of channels to be used for flying RVOSD/FPV?


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Hi all!

This is my first RVOSD post. Yay!!
I am a dedicated rotorhead and would like to use the RVOSD for a RC helo build. At this stage, any advice would be greatly appreciated but also bear in mind that I am totally inexperienced in FPV and will need to purchase all the needed gear.

Now, to begin with I am looking for the best Tx/Rx combination to be used for heli RVOSD/FPV. I have been looking at the Spektrum DX6 / AR610 combination, BUT if I want to use a gimballed (stabilized) camera with a single radio then I may have to consider using more than six channels?

1. Bank
2. Pitch
3. Yaw
4. Throttle
5. Camera Pan
6. Camera Tilt
7. Aux for mode selection?

What would you experts recommend?

Cheers from down under!
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Seems to me most of the heli guys fly FPV multis. Mostly quads and tris. I think FPV has indirectly accelerated the evolution of the multicopter in recent years. It appears to be a match made in heaven:D. That is not to say there are no FPV helis, just that they dont appear to be that common. I think the simplicity is what attracts people to multis. All of the crazy mechanical systems disappear when the smarts are added. Also they are virtually indestructable.
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Im not sure rvosd is capable of flying a heli on its own?
Probably impossible to manually fly heli fpv through pan/tilt cam?
As for radios, I find many channels good... If I were to buy a new radio would probably
be FrSky Taranis:)
What heli do you intend to use?


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Cheers guys for the replies :)
I have a Trex 500 that I would like to kit up before doing anything bigger. Firstly it should be able to lift the electronics and camera system and still provide OK flight time. Secondly I may crash that old bird without going bankrupt! I have read enough stories to understand that automated nav-systems may do crazy things until the setup is perfected.
Flying the heli with the camera in offset position would indeed be very difficult. My intention is to use pan/tilt during 'autopilot' (Position/Hover hold, Waypoint mode, etc.) and hopefully be able to revert camera to home position before resuming manual flight.
-And off course I could go the road of least resistance and get a RTF multi-rotor... But where is the fun in that?! Besides, I already have the base-frame.

The FrSky Taranis is an interesting suggestion and deliver bang for buck :) At first is seems a bit complex but that may be easy enough to overcome.