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    Aug 3, 2012
    Since this forum has moved to a subdomain and was replaced with another forum software most of the attachment won't work anymore.

    Here's a fix that you can try in order to still download a file.

    If you go to the Latest firmware thread and for example scroll down to the section that says
    "For RVOSD G6 with Rvlink:" you'll see working links below ("View attachment..."). Now, right (or command + ) click this link and select "Copy link address" from your browser's context menu. Open up a texteditor and paste the link. You'll be see something like this:


    This link actually does work and hence is our entry to other attachments.

    Now do the same on the link a few lines above where it says "Main board: M6.06_H6.00_d001.hex, Release date: 20/October/2014" - this link won't work

    Copy this link and paste it below the first link in your texteditor and you'll get something like this:


    From this link simply take the value of "attachmentid" which is 2830 and replace the trailing number of your first pasted link with this one, so it looks like this:


    Et voilá you can download the firmware for RVOSD G6 without RVLINK.

    Hope this helps.

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