So, What's next for RVOSD?


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Not much activity on here, but I think it would be great to have a 'mini RVOSD' (gave this idea years back on this forum.. look how popular the mini APM/pixhawk units are!) If anyone in charge cares to listen, I think RVOSD's strength is the OSD, so a custom light/small board that does a kick ass OSD and handles filtered power for camera/vtx that is either integrated and runs the pixhawk stack directly, or is external and supports MAVLINK would be the way to go for a new product. OSD that is flexible / graphical / customize-able through software would be KILLER for the ardupilot crowd!


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Most of the OSDs I've seen in HD have been proprietary to the HD system itself and they don't see to offer a whole lot of bells and whistles. Much like the Connex Prosight. And even then it's still blocky 8-bit looking text and simple graphics.

So yes, I agree it would be nice to see some really next generation OSD graphics come along. Like Iron Man HUD ;)

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Iron Man
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A little closer to Iron Man! Even has PiP:cool:


And a video: