Same old question ! Esc interference on video..


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Hi Folks,

I am sorry for the same old question, I have probably read all the related posts and unfortunately could not resolve my problem.
My problem is simple when the throttle is raised i start getting lines and interference. My Setup is as attached, there is a part in my scheme where you see dashed items, they are the alternative setup i tried ( which is on the left hand side). I also tried attaching my lc filter to just in front of my VTX and no good as well. Can somebody examine my setup and let me know where my mistake is.


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Alex Villa

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This problem is usually down to high internal impedance on the battery(Probably old battery?), lower than needed cable gauge, fail on high current path connections...
From the schematics you post it seems like you are not using RVOSD internal filtered path to power the camera and Transmitter. Can you try that? RVOSD internal filter is very effective getting rid of this voltage line interferences, and you save the extra wiring filter and regulator.

What I do on my planes is to wire the external Vreg from main to aux battery RVOSD input. So if you use main 3S Lipo battery the Vreg(buck-boost) does usually power the system thru the aux battery, but if it does fail, I do still have the RVOSD, Camera and Vtx powered from the main battery(All this is automatically done by RVOSD internal circuits). For higher than 3S setups just set the disable jumper on RVOSD to the disable position and you loose the redundancy of course.


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Alex Thank you for your kind explanation. i thought that with my setup (not the dashed alternative but the 1 st setup), I was using the internal. filtration. So from your explanation I understand that I need to connect my battery to the aux battery input to use internal filtration. My second question is what should I o if i sometimes use 3s and 4s, do I have to remove the jumper and put it back according to my battery selection. The third and the last question: When i just replace my 1.3 vtx with IMRC 5.8 VTX the video is crystal clear I do not get any interference at all. I know IMRC has its own voltage regulator and if I am not mistake also a lc filter. Why can not I place a buck-boost and a lc filter in between the odd and vtx, i tried it but does not work.