RVOSD6 constant blue and green lights, DEAD or ALIVE?

Olaf Amarnu

New Member

One of my good friend of mine gave me this old RVOSD6. He used it a couple of times many years before, but now hi is out of RC buisnies a while. I'm not too experienced with this board yet, so you guys maybe can help me.
When I plug in the aux battery to its pin (3s lipo) the blue and green LED-s are both lights up constantly on the main board. I suppose it's a good sign although the board not gives any other lifesign. The camera is plugged to video in but video out remains completely black. Although I can get composite signal from the video in S pin so the camera gets power and gives image. I asked my friend if he has ever experienced this before, but he doesn't have a clue either. I can't find any documentation about the indicator led functions. I suppose green is for power on, but then blue should be some I/O indicator so I have a bad feeling about it. Is RVOSD 6 has some state of lockup or disable function which can cause this. If someone has some idea about this, please let me know.