RVGS, instructions...


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You only need the 2 outside pins so yes, just cut the other wires away.
I think you can just tilt to maximum up, and call that 90 degrees. I doubt it will make a lot of difference.


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Hi Bloom,
I never liked that balancer plug as power lead. That's fine as long as you have you have an open-wire-station, but as soon as you start integrating everything neatly it becomes apparent that 1 3S pack is not enough and then you're stuck.

HK sells the female and male balancer leads, or you just snip off one from an old battery, or you unsolder that plug and replace it. Either way, I made my own custom cable.

For the tracker I'm not sure what you mean. did you finish your tracker project already?!



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I recently got a rvgs from a friend but it only had 2 cables with it which were plugged into the two receiver ports.

What cables (plug size and type) are used for the video outputs x4?
Are they 3 section plugs like the RX ports?
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Ordered the RVGS and SPT200 pant/tilt system with HS-5485HB servos.
One of the servos are 180' range...the other "programmable". Are the programmable one able to pan 360 then?

I'm planning to mount my 7.5turn 1.3Ghz helical on the SPT200 using an manfrotto quick release clamp. The antenna are big, but only 420g...the SPT200 can handle 907g :)
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Alex Villa

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I have no experience with the SPT200, but my guess is that you can just give it a center position servo pulse and adjust from that.


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I got my new RVGS delivered by the postman, and also buildt me an small and simple box to mount the tracker on top, and the 1G3 vRx, 5G8 repeater, powerbox and battery inside. Waiting for an cpatch12 antenna, as my big helical was to heavy for the tilt servo. :)

When setting heading offset, how important is it to place the airplane directly in front of the tracker? Should be okay just to stay in between the front 180' field?



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