RV jet Prop Size and ESC


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So I just got done reading a post over at DIY Drones where a guy was using a 10x6 prop and an 1100kv motor with a 3S battery. (Didnt mention the ESC)
Ive also read that you can use a 10 x 6 as long as you are running a 11-1200 KV motor. Now I have a 3536 Turnigy SK3 1200 (Which is a nice motor) and I have a 40 am Blue Series ESC that was left over from a build that's spec sheet recomended the sk3 1450kv and the 40 amp blue ESC.

So my question is since this bird usually used a 13" prop at 900KV, will a 10" do the job with a 1200kv? And Is the ESC appropriate. I am guessing it would work with a 10" prop.....But anything bigger is going to fry it out on a 1200KV motor. So any thoughts on what I should do? I have more 10X 6 props then I know what to do with, so sticking with that size would be convient. Plus I have the .Param file for the APM from the guy running the 10" prop.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.