REMOVE PAPPER782 (trojan alert)

Alex Villa

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I told Vova about it, they come from time to time. I dont have admin priviledges, so have to wait for Vova.

Martin Y

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Thats Ok I'm just warning everybody. once you click his message a trojan downloads then lots of porn go's through your system.


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I think it's time to make it more difficult for spambots to join the group... but just how is the big question?:confused::confused::confused:


Martin Y

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just dont click the thread at all. once you do you will be loaded with a bot that will let them use your system as a portal so they can run stuff through you. I found loads of porn pages in my system in the "networkservice" folder along with the bot that starts it up. just put your mouse over it and it will show a bunch of junk.
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Sorry about that. They are banned now. And added more protection to prevent more spammers from joining.