Painting RV-JET with Rust-Oleum paint


This is an awesome method of painting the RV-Jet with great long lasting results. This will give you a plane that looks as good as it flys Rust-Oleum Offers eye Candy Colors in 1/2 Pint & 1 Quart Cans
AMBA0880.JPG AMBA0881.JPG AMBA0882.JPG AMBA0883.JPG AMBA0884.JPG AMBA0885.JPG AMBA0886.JPG AMBA0887.JPG s-l500.jpg

Link to Full Res Photos

  • Use Rust-Oleum NON areasol paint
  • Thin with Mineral spitits 50/50
  • Don't Paint surfaces that Will be glued together
  • Clean any over-spray on glue joints up with Mineral spirits
  • Let Dry for 2 hrs in Direct Sunlight to be tach free 24hrs before gluing taping or handling
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