My Very Sad day

Martin Y

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My Very Sad day...but it got better the next.

I'm pissed, I'm Mad, I'm upset, I dont know what I am. :-X :-\ :'( :'( Figured I'd go out for a dusk flight. All is Ok. launch goes without a hitch. I fly around for a while and this.............................

All is gone.
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Funky Diver

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oh dear... not good :(

Did you manage to recover anything? Seems to have landed right in the middle of an excavation.

Martin Y

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Yup! A Billion dollar new hospital project. Didn't get anything back. Didn't want to get caught trespassing and it rain for a couple of hours last night also. from the speed it impacted and I doubt anything survived.

1- Twinstar II
1- rvosd G2 upgrade
2- axi 2208 motors
2- CC 18A esc's
1- p&t
1- KX-191
1- Ranglink UHF
1- Force feedback modem.
1- 910 vtx
1- new thunder 4000 3S
1- 5 amp bec

1- Broken heart


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Damn! Sad to see that, but a great crash clip nonetheless. I hope you had your contact details on the plane. If its a construction site it will definitely be found fairly quickly.
Have you worked out what happened yet? I feel an air crash investigation coming on...
You appear to be pushing fairly hard into a headwind coming home, and it almost looks like you had some flutter at about 9:45, just before it diverged. Possibly structural failure?


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That sucks!

Hopefully you will get back the wrackage and be able to investigate the reason why it crashed.

Had a similar experience with my Twinstar, just loaded up a small clip -->

Reason was a broken wire from ESC to port side engine, no chance to recover.
Wonder if you lost control completely or tried to idle engines?

Martin Y

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Saw the flutter also.Tried to push plane down with elevator but no effect. That and my current went to 50 amps for two 18 amp esc's. That caused one motor to stop functioning, reason for sharp right turn. Think it was back emf as I dropped throttle to zero. I know my motors wouldn't normally draw more than 34 amps and that's at takeoff. No info on plane was going to as I have the stickers did a mod to my wings covering so no info. going to to sercuity office and see if it was turned in, else I'm burned. I know now exactly where it went in, didn't have larg screen to watch until later last night.


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I wonder if one of the ESCs burned out? I had that happen with an X8 a couple of years back. After a fairly long flight I had heaps of battery left so decided to use it up. I climbed to a couple of thousand feet for a look around. The current suddenly went way high (>50A) for a few seconds, then it was a glider. ESC became a charred mess. Luckily the fire didnt spread through the plane. UBEC saved the day.
Good luck with finding it. If you take the video with you, you may be able to get the security guys more engaged. The WOW factor may help. The coordinates should put you fairly close.

Martin Y

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I'm going to take video with me. I did sneak in but was way too dark as I figured out later I wasn't too far off from where it went in. Had my recorder with me but a 1.5" screen is a bit too small for detail 10:00 at night. So I left before I got nabbed.
This is why I record all flights at the GS. Had great signal till last 10 feet, being 1.1 km away.

Martin Y

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;) Holy Crap on a Cracker.................I GOT IT BACK ;D Happy Happy Joy Joy
Went to site boss and showed him the video. He laughs at me and says you computer jeeks kill me. What are you doing spying on me? I tell him where I think it is , he goes have a look.
Was exactly where I thought it was but couldn't see it last night. 10 steps more around a machine and I would have had it then.
I have about 95 % of it. Only a few bits of foam from the motor mounts is gone. I think it flipped over just before impact. It spent the night upside down in the rain from what I can tell.
Both motors torn out. 1 - damaged but both props are perfect. :eek:
Have to clean it up but fuse looks as it should. Wings were still attached to the fuse. One retainer broken, other cracked. One ail horn off, that is cause of spin.
Elevator hinge was torn on one half that was flutter seen and elevator servo jamed that why no control to decend.
Battery looks good no puff but still need to test.
Camera tilt servo striped. VTX sma damaged. Camera dinged and lens is OK.
OSD and forcefly modem look good. Will be testing everything once I clean it up. New wings required but I have a set ready to put together.

I need to sleep.. :-[


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Excellent result really. I like to inspect the crash sites personally, as often bits are still there. I have had one plane retrieved by a helpful observer, and seen another brought back by a farmer. Both had bits missing.
So it was flutter induced structural failure then? Any indication about the high motor currents?

Martin Y

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I should have video'ed the finding. Half the elev torn, elev servo just jammed. Right ail horn off. Will be testing all electronics tomorrow. Not a clue about the high current didn't see anything burned. Have to dig the esc's out of the wings.


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With twins if one motor goes or anytime you experience repeated spins for no reason you got to kill the throttle and glide in no matter the consequence. I've had differential thrust on my TW2 and it's plain uncontrollable with just one motor at most all throttle settings.

Good to hear you got it back, and take pride in being a computer geek ;)
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Martin Y

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Well testing went very good.
Osd - working
Camera - working
forcefly - working
current - yes
rx -yes
vtx - untested
Elevator servo - gone
Ecs's- yet to be
battery - ??? will report

Something very odd I think happened. When I connected the battery is was totally down when it shouldn't have been. Both motors were broken out of the wings But this is the odd bit one motors power leads were straight the other the leads were tightly twisted. This is something I didn't do. I think when the plane crashed it was still running as in the motor was still going. Dont know how to explain it better.


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Sounds like you got away lucky.
You said earlier, both props were perfect. Is this still your assessment? Seems dancing on terra firma would have caused chips in the one prop. Did it land in grass or gravel? Surprised it didn't chew up the foam...


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Motor was still running. Prop was blocked. Loose motor spun and twisted the wires? Or did it come out in flight and twist up? Might explain the vibes and asymmetric thrust?
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