My RVOSD- EzUHF configuration on a Skywalker

Thanks for looking at my post.

I have the following setup:

- Skywalker with differential ailerons
- FrSky Taranix RC
- EzUHF 8 ch Diveristy receiver
- 3S Main batt
- 3S Aux batt
- PPM comunication between EzUHF and RVOSD. Picture of the settings attached, gotten from another fórum.

I have the following:

- Rudder
- Elevator
- Throttle
- (2) Ailerons
- RVOSD menu toggle

- Lights controller
- Camera selector
- Camera gimbal pan
- Camera gimbal tilt

My questions related to RVOSD-EzUHF
1. In the RVOSD instructions it mentions that for Airplanes with Differential Ailerons I have to connect the rudder output to Aileron2, How do I connect the rudder? Directly to the EzUHF to one of the channels?
2. Since the EzUHF has 8 channels but two of them are devoted to PPM and RRSI, Do I only have 6 channles left?
3. How would you connects the additional features? Would I need an additional receiver?

Questions related to the Frsky Taranis:
1. What switches would you typically use for
- Flight modes
- Rudder, Elevator and Aileron settings
- Camera selector
- Lights controller
- Camera gimbal pan
- Camera gimbal tilt
2. To toggle thru the menus on the RVOSD from the Taranis the manual says that if you go down to 1.35 mS you toggle thru Autopilot menu, if you go above 1.85 mS it toggles thru the OSD menus. Questions:
- What switch would you typically use on the Taranis?
- Has anyone replaced a switch so it is always at the center with springs to go up or down so the springs always return it to the center kind of like the throttle gimbal?

Sorry to be asking, I already spent hours and hours Reading RVOSD and EzUHF manual using rograms and Reading fórums. Trust me I tried to do this without asking, I appreciate the time you take to read this.


Alex Villa

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Dear Alex:

After checking te instructions as per your link this is what is happening:

1. The motor will turn as at about 20% speed, it will speed up if I push the throttle but will not go to full stop using the throttle stick.
2. If I pull the elecvator stick all the way the the motor will stop.
3. The rudder does not move at all.
4. When I use the rudder it will toggle thru the menu as if I used the enter key on the RVOSD RC.
5. If I use the Ailerons stick it will work as if I used the right arrow on the RVOSD RC.
6. I checked in different settings: fly by wire, Position hold, etc.

The current setting is normal airplane, no change if I use Airplane with Diff ailerons.

What could be the reason?


Alex Villa

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1- Probably a problem with throttle failsafe detection configuration(on RVOSD) and/or ESC throttle range configuration(on ESC).
2- Problem with PPM channel assign or servo outputs wrongly wired.
3- Something not properly connected or configured.
4- Wrong connections/configuration to RVOSD.
5- Wrong connections/configuration to RVOSD.
Hola Alex:

Thank you for the time you take to respond to my questions.
It is definetely something I have done wrong on the programming. I already removed all the cables, removed all the labels and started again, slowly, following your instructions,. At one point it was working properly as "Normal plane" so I decided to try the "Diff aileron" configuration, one of the aileron servos was not working (RC configuration problem) and then the motor started turning so I unplugged the battery, Bad move! Now I know that you will burn the SBEC that way but it took me ours to figure it out only after I read on the internet and used a new SBEC.

So tonight, the plan is to try the "normal plane" configuration and go slowly trying to tweak the throttle FS settings.

More to come tonight.
Success finally

Ok, I already "fixed" the programming as follows:

1. Calibrate the Taranis RC. Calibrations of rudder, throttle , ailerons and elevator joysticks were way off.
- Push the "Menu" key for more than 2 seconds.
- Push the "Page" key for more than 2 seconds.
Calibrate Joysticks moving them as well as the rotating knobs S1, S2, LS and RS
2. EzUHF
- I followed the instructions as shown on
- 10 ch on PPM cannel count on the "Configure" tab.
- On "Servo mapping"View attachment 2835
On PPM slot: Channels 1-8 on PPM 1-8; RSSI on PPM 9, LINK on PPM 10
On Servo output:
CH1 PPM Muxed,
- Connected servo cable from EzUHF CH1 to RVOSD "PPM1 Input"
- Connected servo cable from EzUHF CH2 to RVOSD "RSSI1-digital input"

I now have all 8 channels available from the EzUHF
- I assigned channels as follows: 1 Rudder, 2 Elevator, 3 Throttle, 4 Aileron, 5 OSD, 6 Flight Modes, 7 Pan, 8 Tilt. Pan and tilt servos were connected directly to the EzUHF on channels 7 and 8, respectively.

3. Assigned OSD to Channel 5 on the 3 position switch SG. Center position is normal, down is to toggle, up activates knob S2 to select the 6 flight modes. If menus have been selected moving down switch SG then I can now scrolls thru the menus unsing the Elevator joystick and "Select" moving the the Aileron joystick to the right.

4. Assigned 6 Flight Modes to Channel 6 on the rotary knob S2. If switch SG is in up position and you rotate knob S2 I can now select the different flight modes.

5. Then I went thru Alex's instructions on how to calibrate the RVOSD but I got stock on how to calibrate the RC to 110%.

I have two requests:
1. Does anyone now how to calibrate the throttle to 110 and 120% on the Taranis so Alex's instructions to properly calibrate the Failsafe can be followed?
2. Can anyone that has a Skywalker 2014 1900 publish the pictures of all the calibration menus?