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Discussion in 'RVOSD' started by kelly, Nov 28, 2017.

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    true HD long range fpv https://fpv.blue/
    if range video came out with a long range rvosdHD system I might come back but no they don't want to make money any more and are loosing customers by not coming out with any thing new. If range video came out with a HDOSD that would be some thing else and would storm the market if it was on 1.2G like fpvblue. hell If range video did come out with a HDOSD and it had 1500mw of pure long range I would buy it and so would many others. but no rvosd is being left in the dust by the rest and has almost been forgotten about.
    and hell I asked if rvosd could have a plastic case but that never happened. my eagle tree vector has a plastic case and so far nothing has broke on it unlike all my old rvosd have broke. my ET vector is way more durable then any of the rvosd's ever were. come on RV do some thing bad ass !
    In the future no one will be using analog video transmitter for FPV at all ! 480P video sucks any ways.
    hell with pixhawk 2.1 cube and fpv blue I have a autopilot and a HDosd on 1.2G long range ! and with a dragon link V3 I have the best of all worlds now including telemetry on a 12" tablet !
    and this is why I left rvosd in the dust and at a price of over $600 for nothing more then a cheap UHF system and a $2 airspeed sensor for add ons????? the rvosd use to sell for $299 and I could add what ever uhf system I wanted and the air speed sensor i could buy else were for $2 and solder on my self but now that Range video is falling behind they have to charge every one more.
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    Hi Kelly,

    We hear you. There is something new in the works. It is brand new and nothing similar is selling now.

    I am also using the Pixhawk as well because customers are demanding the mission planning features. Auto take-off and auto landing are nice. I miss the nice integration of RVOSD+AP+ RVLINK + RVGS when setting up a similar Pixhawk set..
  3. Rybskee

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    Aug 11, 2014
    Well why is the RVGS not developed? Big potential, nice hardware just the soft is bit oldd :<
  4. kelly

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    Jun 27, 2010
    every rvosd i ever had broke at gps connections it's very weak and i have lost aircraft do to this. not to mention the video board problems. why is it not in a case yet like ET vector and others?
    you know FPVblue is trying to get rv to link up.

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