current sensor and rssi question


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Hello all,

This is my second osd and after a long break, finally time to work on G5:D. Now I look closely I understand why it took so long to become available. Brilliant work Alex and anyone else who helped give you the ideas. I can't wait to fly again.

Bit confused on couple of things...

1) I am Using 4 cell as main battery and 12v for everything else. I understand that G5 OSD current sensor calculates current for entire system. Would i be best powering my vtx and camera externally rather than through osd so I know exactly how much main battery is left while I am flying?
What I'm saying is one mah current reading and two batteries might lead me to miscalcuate how much flight time I got left in my main motor pack.

2)I have new dragonlink rx....Can i connect a lead to aileron input and get rssi value?

Thanks, Justin


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I was also trying the best way to do this and personally I will hook up like this:
(This should answer your frist question, the setup was verified by Alex.)

LiPo battery #1 (3S) connecting parallel output to:

- plane rx and thus servo's, and head tracking servo's at 6V via:

- regulated, stable and filtered 12V to the Video TX via :

- RVOSD G5 aux battery in (that will power the GoPro HD via the regulated, filtered 5V Video out and enable monitoring Voltage on the OSD overlay).

LiPo battery #2 (4S) to:

- via RVOSD G5 Current Sensor to RVOSD G5 main battery in (also enabling the engine powering LiPo to be monitored for both Current and Voltage on the OSD overlay);

- via RVOSD G5 Current Sensor to the ESC and thus Engine.

Main battery jumper removed in this setup (of course).

I don't know the answer on your second question...
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Thanks the info squawk, the only thing I don't understand is the need for that buck converter. I have never used one do they make video better?


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It was recommended by some users here to stabilize (regulate and filter) the Video tx power source.
Normally a LiPo pack goes from 12.6V fully charged, to 10V by the time you should recharge it.
To make sure the Video tx always gets 12V, the buck-boost converter is added.
But, if you run fine without it... don't fix anything that isn't broken.. :)