Can not get RVJET Power Pack to work


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I have an RVJet I bought 2 years ago but did not setup or fly. I attempting to set system up but cannot get motor to work (this is the RVJET Power Pack). It beeps, and beeps, and beeps... .
Is there a video out there I can look at?

I have a Futaba 7C controller, 3S1P 16000 LiPo (charged and confirmed). ESC is plugged into the receiver channel 4, I turn on transmitter with throttle full on, plug in LiPo, get series of beeps.
I than I move throttle down to full off (or not, doesn't seem to matter).
Than I shut Tx off, disconnect LiPo.
Next I hook up NiCad to Rx, turn on Tx, hook up LiPo.
Sometimes the motor beeps, sometimes no beeps.
Moving throttle up and down has no effect on motor. AAAAARRRGGG!!!!

You might guess that I am a little frustrated.

I am an avionics tech, I work on those big plastic A/C Boeing makes. I fix the electronics and networks everyday but this is kicking my behind. (embarrassing).

I have everything ready to install if I can get confirmation system works.

A little help, a video perhaps?

Thank you, B


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Well, it turns out it was the ESC is bad. Thank you RVJet! They are sending me a new unit as I type this in. Have a nice day, Brian.


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I have the same problem , futaba transmitter too
many beeps no movement of motor at all
have esc dj1 600s esc


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Same problem with me.
Follow up
Spoke with someone at event explained the situation
Turns out I have the endurance power pack
And with that speed controller you need a 6 cell battery
I was using a 3 cell 2300ma battery
He said that Dec needs a 6 cell to work
So ordered a 6cell battery from them
Will !st you know what happens
Am hoping for the best