1. iamgodlewski

    Running a Tx on a LifePo4 battery

    Hi all, Am wondering if it is possible to run the 1.3Ghz 800mw transmitter RV sells off of a 3S LiFePo4 battery. Specifically, this transmitter: As you might know, the voltages this battery...
  2. T

    Lawmate video TX powered on for long durations

    Hi, I am planning on setting up a wildlife camera in my woods and I am thinking about getting either a 1.2 Ghz or 2.4 GHz 1 watt Lawmate Video TX. My question is if it will be ok to run this transmitter for hours on end and maybe 24/7 sometime with out burning it out. I will definitely mod it a...
  3. H

    transmitter brand?

    Are the transmitters being sold on the genuine Lawmate transmitters? Is the 2.4GHz 500mW audio/video transmitter a Lawmate transmitter?
  4. L

    part number of transmitter connector

    Does someone knows the part number and the manufacturer of the small connector cable(yellow, white, black, red) of the 2.4GHz 500mW audio/video transmitter? I live in Europe, so it is quite expensive to order a single item in the US.