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    Rssi for Spektrum 2.4 Can be done.... Kinda

    Yes I know many of you are going to hate me for even mentioning this. Everyone will tell you that 2.4 is a big no no for fpv. I am not here to tell you that everyone is wrong or that I don't agree. Unfortunately I like many people are still running 2.4. I'm using a Dx6i and a 7010 receiver. I...
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    Best practice - DX7 with dual ailerons, flaps and RVOSD?

    Hi all Does anyone have a smart way of programming the Spektrum DX7 for an airplane with rudder, elevator, dual servo ailerons and dual servo flaps. I have programmed my DX7 so I have throttle, rudder and elevator on individual channels. Differential aileron is done by the aileron channel...