1. Barnstormer

    Pixhawk 2.1 In RV JET

    PIXHAWK 2.1 & RV-JET This information is based on my experience with installation, setup and first flight. The RVJET fly’s like it’s on rails with the Pixhawk 2.1 first thing I noticed was while doing areal mapping it always tracked on target could make tight 100ft 180...
  2. M

    Wiring and Connecting the LOCOSYS LS20031 - Help!

    Gents, I'm trying to get my LOCOSYS LS20031 GPS to connect to the RVOSD G5. Following the instructions in another thread, ive updated the stock settings using MiniGPS and an FTDI connector to the following: 115200 baud, NMEA sentences GGA, RMC, GSV activated. Everytime I connect it...