1. R

    RVOSD 5.1 with DJI Occusync Air Support?

    I have just acquired a long range DJI Occusync Air HD camera/sbus long range (7km) system... Is there a UART port (OSD TX/RX) on the RVOSD 5.1 board to send OSD to the DJI Occusync system? I would like to use the RVOSD for the flight controller for my flying wing and the DJI Occusync Air system...
  2. T

    RVOSD 5 V-Tail Ruddervator X-UAV Talon Issue

    Hello I am configuring the RVOSD 5.1 for my X-UAV Talon. The mixing is all done within the RVOSD with no mixing on the Taranis, and I am using combined PPM. Under manual flight control, all surfaces operate correctly. When the autopilot is activated such as for level flight, the V-tail...
  3. C

    Having trouble setting up the RVOSD...(new to FPV flying)

    Im building an RVJET for a school project, and I've been having some difficulty getting servo control from my RVOSD board. Here's a youtube video which details the setup of my situation. I would greatly appreciate any help or insight on this. I purchased the OSD in November 2015, so I am...
  4. H

    RVOSD Good Video Feed, No OSD Data

    Hello everyone, I've been a long time lurkerer on these forums but never had any trouble getting my RVOSD up and running until now. The RVOSD has been running smoothly since i got it, roughly 2 months however just recently(2 days ago) the RVOSD has stopped displaying OSD data. I'm using a...
  5. J

    RVISD Flying MODES switching - 6 position switch

    I got 6 position switch installed on my taranis RC transmitter I setup trims and only can get 3 modes. My question to you is : what are the PPM VALUES FOR EACH MODE ? 1. Fly by wire 2. RTH 3. Position hold 4. Heading hold 5. Level flight Missing any ? If I have PPM VALUES I CAN...
  6. P

    Mobius + rvosd + rvgs

    Hello All, I 'm switching from Gopro 1 (resistor removed from my RVOSD G5) to Mobius cam and the RVGS no more decode telemetry data. Everything works as soon as I connect back the GOPRO. I haven't re-solder back the RVOSD resistor, Is somebody using successfully the...
  7. KosPilot

    What is the ideal number of channels to be used for flying RVOSD/FPV?

    Hi all! This is my first RVOSD post. Yay!! I am a dedicated rotorhead and would like to use the RVOSD for a RC helo build. At this stage, any advice would be greatly appreciated but also bear in mind that I am totally inexperienced in FPV and will need to purchase all the needed gear. Now, to...
  8. M

    Rvosd + s.bus

    Hi everyone. Somebody have you any new information about the compatibility between S.bus and RVOSD? I don't found the latest results about that on this forum and I'm thinking to use this system.
  9. Bones

    Connecting Taranis X8R with RVOSD

    Just got my taranis 9XD with X8R receiver. What is the best way to connect receiver to OSD to get RSSI data?
  10. G

    Home/Radar screen Help

    Hi I'm fairly new to RVOSD, have it all set up ok but when I toggle menu display screens I don't see the home point/radar screen. screens I have are 1: the main screen, 2: a screen with info on top left hand corner think its about ten rows with DBRG or something and appears to display...
  11. Bones

    unable to put OSD in link lost condition.

    Tried 2 separate radios and OSD will not go into link lost situation. Help.
  12. oldekanga

    Strange letters on screen

    Calling for help from any of you Guru’s that can pinpoint this. I have a strange problem and would like to know the answer to this: The Letters “STBL” appear in the area close by and above the speed ladder on the f16 screen of my RVOSD G5.07 . From memory the letters were not there...
  13. D

    RVOSD 5,1 Problem

    Hello All. It's my first post on this forum so I say hello. I have a problem with the OSD will not boot. It hangs on the first screen. OSD has been used in a Piper Cub and working properly for some time. I started the OSD and video set and wait for the GPS. When I grabbed the GPS and...
  14. A

    RVOSD RTH Function didn't save me

    Why didn't the RVOSD RTH Function save me? Hi All, Are there some magic steps I have missed in configuring my RVOSD and enabling the RTH function? I have (umm had) a Zepher II and had configured up the RVOSD. Using PPM Mode, had RTH enable, servo wizard had been run etc etc. I can't find...
  15. M

    Strange Temperature Reading RVOSD (-2714°C)

    What would cause the RVOSD to show a -2714°C temp reading? I know its cold up here in Canada, but not that cold. Could it possibly be because the unit may have been moved during calibration?? I have had this temp behaviour occur on the bench as well. Here is a video showing the erratic...
  16. A

    problem with motor controler

    this is my third RVOSD, but this new one seems to send a wrong signal to the motor controller, and it beeps every second (if throttle from the Tx was inverted, it would be 2 beeps)...tried with an other controller, same thing... with an other OSD: it works ok! is my new OSD faulty? Any idea? Alain
  17. S

    Auto Land?

    Out of curiosity,and maybe I'm being completely imaginative, would it be possible for RVOSD5 to one day have an auto-land feature similar to how uThere Ruby does? Seems like they have similar on-board sensors and data they acquire. As I write this I found Alex mentioning it back in 2011 (...
  18. C

    Internal temp stopped working?

    Hi all, I have been flying an RVosd5 (firmware as supplied) on my fascination for approx 5hrs with no problems then when I went flying yesterday my "internal temp" is always reading 0deg. I have tried changing from internal temp to external to both to none saving each time but still no go...
  19. J

    Can I lengthen the Stock GPS Cable of the RVOSD?

    I'd like to lengthen the stock GPS cable to a total length of 24"; anyone see any issues in doing such? Should I use some shielded cable or is it not that large of a concern if the wires are just twisted? Joe
  20. S

    HappyKillmore's GCS for iOS and/or Android Device

    I know this topic has been brought up before, however I'd like to keep the discussion going since this could be a welcomed adaptation of the current GCS. This idea is already in the market and proven with ImmersionRC's free iTelemetry app working in conjunction with their EZOSD onboard. I've...