1. Barnstormer

    Pixhawk 2.1 In RV JET

    PIXHAWK 2.1 & RV-JET This information is based on my experience with installation, setup and first flight. The RVJET fly’s like it’s on rails with the Pixhawk 2.1 first thing I noticed was while doing areal mapping it always tracked on target could make tight 100ft 180...
  2. C

    Having trouble setting up the RVOSD...(new to FPV flying)

    Im building an RVJET for a school project, and I've been having some difficulty getting servo control from my RVOSD board. Here's a youtube video which details the setup of my situation. I would greatly appreciate any help or insight on this. I purchased the OSD in November 2015, so I am...
  3. R

    RVJet out of stock :(

    Any word when more of these will be coming in? Especially the black ones? :)
  4. P

    RV Jet Q&A

    Vova, How is ESC brake enabled? Are there instructions for programing?