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    Mobius + rvosd + rvgs

    Hello All, I 'm switching from Gopro 1 (resistor removed from my RVOSD G5) to Mobius cam and the RVGS no more decode telemetry data. Everything works as soon as I connect back the GOPRO. I haven't re-solder back the RVOSD resistor, Is somebody using successfully the...
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    When will the RVGS be back in stock?

    When will the RVGS be back in stock?
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    no image on RVGS

    I get a good picture when connexion is direct from my video RX, but nothing out of the RVGS...at best i can see blurry shadows! I tried different cables but nothing change...any idea?
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    HappyKillmore's GCS for iOS and/or Android Device

    I know this topic has been brought up before, however I'd like to keep the discussion going since this could be a welcomed adaptation of the current GCS. This idea is already in the market and proven with ImmersionRC's free iTelemetry app working in conjunction with their EZOSD onboard. I've...