1. Funky Diver

    Dual RSSI / Control on GS

    One RVOSD two different receivers for control. Doable? Two two receivers bound to two controllers. Scenario is this... Take off using controller 1, control using Rx1. Turn off controller 1, RVOSD switches to Rx 2 (along with control obviously)
  2. Bones

    Connecting Taranis X8R with RVOSD

    Just got my taranis 9XD with X8R receiver. What is the best way to connect receiver to OSD to get RSSI data?
  3. turdsurfer

    Unable to read PWM RSSI from FrSky D4R-II or D8R-XP

    I followed Alex' instructions for connecting EzUHF RSSI since it's also PWM but it doesn't seem to work for the PWM RSSI FrSky receivers: 1-Use combined PPM input so aileron channel input is...
  4. R

    Rssi for Spektrum 2.4 Can be done.... Kinda

    Yes I know many of you are going to hate me for even mentioning this. Everyone will tell you that 2.4 is a big no no for fpv. I am not here to tell you that everyone is wrong or that I don't agree. Unfortunately I like many people are still running 2.4. I'm using a Dx6i and a 7010 receiver. I...
  5. M

    Possible to use RSSI off used Rx Channel with custom Y-Cable?

    This is what I have currently configured on my Frsky V8FR-II Rx and RVOSD: - Ch. 1 Rudder - Ch. 2 Elevator - Ch. 3 Throttle - Ch. 4 Ailerons - Ch. 5 Aux (for RVOSD In-flight Menu) - Ch. 6 RSSI (Voltage Line removed and 10K resistor on Signal Wire) from unused ch on rx - Ch. 7 Pan...
  6. T

    RSSi out and getting 8 channels working through RVOSDv5 with FrSky D4FR and CPPM?

    Though FrSky are a great brand of RXs- it's known that it's quite difficult to get RSSI out to the OSD, without upgrading/updating and doing complex soldering working internally with for example the FrSKy DR8-II.. I researched and found the FrSKy D4FR-...
  7. Funky Diver

    D8R-II and Diode Mod

    Can anyone conclusively answer whether the diode mod will give RSSI on a D8R-II receiver? Many thanks, Rich
  8. V

    RSSI with Frsky D8R-II?

    Hi, does anyone know what I should do to input the RSSI from Frsky D8R-II Receiver? Does it matter if it is CPPM and PPM? The problem is, the manuals for the D8R-II is so poor and incomplete, I don't understand what it is trying to say. Can I just connect the telemetry port to my RVOSD5...
  9. T

    8dbi Omni?

    Has anyone ever tried an 8dbi Omni, rather than 8dbi Patch? Just curious... Also I have a 900 MHz receiver that does not have the RSSI out like the new one's RV has. Can I just take it apart and solider to the PCB to get the RSSI signal? I want to eventually purchase the micro diversity...
  10. T

    RSSI to RVOSD from Hitec HFD-07A?

    Is this where I can find RSSI signal on a Hitec HFD-07RA. Chip is a 7761F. Someone who knows about the signal can be connected directly to RVOSD, or whether it must be curbed?