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    RVOSD 5,1 Problem

    Hello All. It's my first post on this forum so I say hello. I have a problem with the OSD will not boot. It hangs on the first screen. OSD has been used in a Piper Cub and working properly for some time. I started the OSD and video set and wait for the GPS. When I grabbed the GPS and...
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    Losing GPS Siganl

    Hey all, I have OSD Gen 4 and it's my second time that i'm losing GPS sigan in the middle of the flight. does anyone experienced this too? is the the GPS module defected? sorry about the video quality, it's problem with my recorder:
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    Rangevideo, please respond to your e-mails!

    I have been trying to contact Rangevideo now numerous times on both the e-mail adresses they list on their site (after they announced e-mail problems) and have not got a reply. Rangevideo, I have sent you money and I need an answer on the status of my order #599x. Frankly I am starting to...