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    My RVOSD- EzUHF configuration on a Skywalker

    Thanks for looking at my post. I have the following setup: - Skywalker with differential ailerons - FrSky Taranix RC - RVOSD6 - EzUHF 8 ch Diveristy receiver - 3S Main batt - 3S Aux batt - PPM comunication between EzUHF and RVOSD. Picture of the settings...
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    My RVOSD- EzUHF configuration on a Skywalker

    Edit, post was duplicated. Sorry.
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    PPM config with EZ UHF

    Getting ready to configure my new RVOSD in my Zeph II combined with EZ UHF using PPM mode. I'm trying hard to understand how to go about configuring the OSD for PPM mode, but am confused as to how I will pick my Aux connection for control of the OSD from my radio. Will I attach a seperate...
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    PPM Configuration

    Hi I am using a OSD Gen 5 linked up to a modified FrSkyV8 rx, all works great but I want to use channel 7 for a camera pan servo, of course I have modified channel 7 on the rx for the RSSI and channel 6 on the rx is used for flaps. the TX I am using is a JR PCM9X. Any Ideas on how to free up...
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    Fail Safe

    Do I Need a fail safe system. To be absolutly clear. I do not need a fail safe system on my TX/RX because the new RV OSD will do it all (including setting a throttle setting) on loss of signal or on demand. Is that correct.