1. kbirand

    Same old question ! Esc interference on video..

    Hi Folks, I am sorry for the same old question, I have probably read all the related posts and unfortunately could not resolve my problem. My problem is simple when the throttle is raised i start getting lines and interference. My Setup is as attached, there is a part in my scheme where you...
  2. clebio

    Bandwidth of the 900MHz 500mW audio/video transmitter signal

    I have the 900MHz 500mW audio/video transmitter and a GoPro camera. I do NOT have the OSD unit. When I power up the transmitter by itself, I get a very nice, clean frequency range of a few MHz. However, when I plug the GoPro video cable into the transmitter, the transmission blasts all...
  3. baka

    can you fly 2 planes with 2.4 video?

    Hi all My friend and I wish to fly FPV together both using 2.4 video transmitters (we are both on 35mhz for plane control) is this possible with out interference? I am using a 500mW transmitter while he is using a 1000mW. I get interference at around 50 meters away . He is transmitting on...
  4. E

    Emi/rfi - q & a

    i have a hunch EMI/RFI problems are often overlooked in the RC industry. i have some experience in solving these issues, but i'm no expert. for those looking for solutions to interference problems, there are a few products i'm aware of. you can look on MM-Carr - they have some stuff...