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    Help: My RVOSD GPS is broken, has anyone tried to use Ublox for the GPS module?

    Hi everyone My plane crashed the other day and now the GPS doesn't seem to work. I checked the wiring and all seems to be ok. I have a ublox neo-m8n gps with compass which I can take out from a multi rotor I am no longer using but just want to check if anyone has tried using a different GPS...
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    GPS Baud Rates - RVOSD G6 + MFD Antena Tracker

    Hi everyone, First of all, I'm really sorry if this post already exists... I'm setting up RVOSD G6 with MFD Antena Tracker. I already connected TeleflyOSD into GPS Data port (TX) and all ground wires is shared between TeleflyOSD, GPS and RVOSD. So far so good... My doubt is regarding...
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    How to Repair Torn GPS Connector on RVOSD

    After having the GPS connector, traces/pads and a few components torn off, with help from Alex, I was able to repair my board. I created this image to help others with this similar issue and had Alex confirm it was correct. Tips: Use 30 AWG Insulated Wire to connect the small SMD parts Use a...
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    GPS Failure to Connect Confusion

    Alex, I have been reading the multiple threads about reason why GPS fails to connect. I have done all of the following: Replaced the GPS cable. Set Max HDOP value from 1.20 to 1.60 In all circumstances the GPS takes ~ 30 minutes to connect. I have a 900 mhz TX with a low pass filter. I...
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    Can I lengthen the Stock GPS Cable of the RVOSD?

    I'd like to lengthen the stock GPS cable to a total length of 24"; anyone see any issues in doing such? Should I use some shielded cable or is it not that large of a concern if the wires are just twisted? Joe
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    Substitude GPS module

    Hi, My GPS receiver appears to be dead and the GPS module at RV is sold out. Is there any other GPS module that I can use and will be compatible ? (I have no problem changing wires and connectors) Thanks, Gil Uriel
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    Losing GPS Siganl

    Hey all, I have OSD Gen 4 and it's my second time that i'm losing GPS sigan in the middle of the flight. does anyone experienced this too? is the the GPS module defected? sorry about the video quality, it's problem with my recorder:
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    No Satellite Lock???? I feel like i tried everything.

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and osd's but not to fpv flying. I've almost got my RVOSD system hooked up. Everything seems to be working except for the fact that it cant get a satellite signal. I’ve left it outside, on a clear day, in two separate locations for 15mins each time with no...