1. turdsurfer

    Unable to read PWM RSSI from FrSky D4R-II or D8R-XP

    I followed Alex' instructions for connecting EzUHF RSSI since it's also PWM but it doesn't seem to work for the PWM RSSI FrSky receivers: 1-Use combined PPM input so aileron channel input is...
  2. M

    Possible to use RSSI off used Rx Channel with custom Y-Cable?

    This is what I have currently configured on my Frsky V8FR-II Rx and RVOSD: - Ch. 1 Rudder - Ch. 2 Elevator - Ch. 3 Throttle - Ch. 4 Ailerons - Ch. 5 Aux (for RVOSD In-flight Menu) - Ch. 6 RSSI (Voltage Line removed and 10K resistor on Signal Wire) from unused ch on rx - Ch. 7 Pan...
  3. T

    RSSi out and getting 8 channels working through RVOSDv5 with FrSky D4FR and CPPM?

    Though FrSky are a great brand of RXs- it's known that it's quite difficult to get RSSI out to the OSD, without upgrading/updating and doing complex soldering working internally with for example the FrSKy DR8-II.. I researched and found the FrSKy D4FR-...
  4. M

    PPM Configuration

    Hi I am using a OSD Gen 5 linked up to a modified FrSkyV8 rx, all works great but I want to use channel 7 for a camera pan servo, of course I have modified channel 7 on the rx for the RSSI and channel 6 on the rx is used for flaps. the TX I am using is a JR PCM9X. Any Ideas on how to free up...
  5. Funky Diver

    D8R-II and Diode Mod

    Can anyone conclusively answer whether the diode mod will give RSSI on a D8R-II receiver? Many thanks, Rich
  6. V

    RSSI with Frsky D8R-II?

    Hi, does anyone know what I should do to input the RSSI from Frsky D8R-II Receiver? Does it matter if it is CPPM and PPM? The problem is, the manuals for the D8R-II is so poor and incomplete, I don't understand what it is trying to say. Can I just connect the telemetry port to my RVOSD5...