1. KosPilot

    What is the ideal number of channels to be used for flying RVOSD/FPV?

    Hi all! This is my first RVOSD post. Yay!! I am a dedicated rotorhead and would like to use the RVOSD for a RC helo build. At this stage, any advice would be greatly appreciated but also bear in mind that I am totally inexperienced in FPV and will need to purchase all the needed gear. Now, to...
  2. N

    1st FPV purchase/setup

    I am looking to buy my first FPV setup and interested in buying the right HD cam at the start - I was leaning towards to Ativa HP 1080P (Office depot) but cannot find them any longer, so have been reading up on the Sony Webbie - I assume this as the Ativa has video out, enabling SD (non HD)...
  3. T

    Beginners questions not found of Forum

    Hello, I have searched the forums and have not seen some answers to the questions I have. First off, I am completely new to FPV but have had an interest in this field for quite some time. I am going to be purchasing a system of some kind in the near future but still have many questions...