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    RVOSD AHI goes nuts leading to crash

    Hey guys. I lost my Zephyr II, and I think it is the RVOSD's (4 with a 5 upgrade board) fault. Take a look at the footage below and let me know what you think. I was close to home and had good RSSI, but when I flicked the Fly by Wire mode, the AHI suddenly rolled...
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    RVOSD RTH Function didn't save me

    Why didn't the RVOSD RTH Function save me? Hi All, Are there some magic steps I have missed in configuring my RVOSD and enabling the RTH function? I have (umm had) a Zepher II and had configured up the RVOSD. Using PPM Mode, had RTH enable, servo wizard had been run etc etc. I can't find...
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    Trying to repair my crash dammage.. (L2, L7, L10)

    I recently crashed my aircraft, headlong into the concrete, and my RVOSD 5.1 took some damage. I'm trying to find the parts to fix it. Here are the two boards I will put up and additional post with the individual components I've recognized as damaged or missing. When I tested the unit after the...