1. turdsurfer

    RVOSD v5.02 problem: autopilot twitching servos every 2 seconds.

    I'm having a problem with my new and unused RVOSD v5.02 so I hope it can be solved so that I can start to fly FPV... Several seconds after powering up, any control movement to lower than neutral (150ms) positions causes all controls to briefly twitch about every 2 seconds while 'autopilot...
  2. H

    How to configure autopilot?

    Hello my autopilot when it engage make a down spiral at right and want to crash the plane even if altitudine is less then 200meter, what can be the problem? I have maked the wizzard at the plane setting (RVOSD 3.0) and configured the IR sensors.I am flying an classic easy star. Can you send...
  3. F

    Autopilot and digital servo's?

    Will Autopilot handle digital servo's?
  4. T

    Autopilot settings for Easyglider?

    I've been tested autopilot without thermophils. This did not go well with the default settings. The plane turned upside down and went vertically straight down. Is there anyone with EasyGlider, which has functional settings for this? RVOSD controls ailerons instead of rudder.