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    RVOSD AHI goes nuts leading to crash

    Hey guys. I lost my Zephyr II, and I think it is the RVOSD's (4 with a 5 upgrade board) fault. Take a look at the footage below and let me know what you think. https://vimeo.com/80703073 I was close to home and had good RSSI, but when I flicked the Fly by Wire mode, the AHI suddenly rolled...
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    can i align the ahi with the horizon while its still in my hand before i launch or do you have to do it in flight?? :o
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    in flight menu

    how do you guys access the menu while your flying??? for example to set the AHI at a neutral position
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    Settings for AHI?

    Does anyone know if I can adjust some settings to get my AHI to work better? Some problems might come from the high mountains nearby. :) AHI overreact often. Here's my last video: http://www.vimeo.com/8907783 Tommy, LA4DHA
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    Need a little help with AHI and calibration

    Still having trouble getting the AHI to show the horizon properly. I am now seeing that it indicates the horizon lower than what the actual horizon is. It seems to move correctly with corresponding pitch or roll changes, but the horizon is always too low. This makes the autopilot want to dive...