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    Re-routing microphone + and - wires

    I am just wondering if I do as mentioned above, will my audio to my rv mic 'clean' up a bit. The sound is not very crisp as i thought it would be. Interference seems to overcome the motor and wind. Does anyone else get this? At the moment I just use the power leads coming from the OSD to the...
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    Hardware rvosd problem? sure if this is a hardware issue or not. I hopefully don't need to send back again:confused: Anyway here is a video. I notice the ahi roll to work perfectly. However when plane pitches up or down ahi seems to lag quite a bit.
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    Stabilize AHI

    I was sitting waiting for gps to lock. Everything was fine when ahi started going crazy. I aligned with horizon, which didn't help. I restarted OSD and also didn't help. I then flew anyway hoping it would settle, but never did over a 20min flight. Is there anything I should be doing?
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    Circuit breaker in case of crash.

    I am just wondering if anyone has any idea of how a circuit breaker or fuse could be implemented into an fpv plane with rvosd. Maybe in the line from battery to current sensor? I am just thinking that if I go down and lose rc then my eflite motor wil be toast from the prop trying to turn on the...
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    AHI Roll

    Hello I notice the ahi roll is backwards, however I cannot change this in the menu. It seems to be locked. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Accelerometer not detected

    As title states. Have I done something wrong?
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    current sensor and rssi question

    Hello all, This is my second osd and after a long break, finally time to work on G5:D. Now I look closely I understand why it took so long to become available. Brilliant work Alex and anyone else who helped give you the ideas. I can't wait to fly again. Bit confused on couple of things...
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    dx201 damaged

    I have an old dx201 that I have plugged and unplugged so many times that the video pin has snapped. I noticed that there is another 4 pin socket, but does not seem to work when I plug into this. Is there a way around this. I have tried soldering, but way to small for me. Justin
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    PPM output

    Am I right in saying I will only need one lead from the RVOSD to the Dragonlink rx? Thanks, Justin
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    Range Video send wrong camera...Recieved NTSC and not PAL

    I believe that range video may have sent me a dx201 in the wrong video standard. I just tried recording with my dx201 and it does not work. I just see a grey screen. However my kx191 works fine??? My recorder is a Sony camcorder and is definetely PAL. I have an invoice which states that I did...
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    vid tx question

    I bought this vid tx from Range Video quite a while ago and am planning on using it with scherrer long range. It is 2.4ghz, but it is not the aerial video system. That was not available at the time. So will I have to cut the wire and put my own connectors on it?
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    kx191 distorted at times during night flight

    Can anybody tell me what could possibly be happening with my kx191? This is a new camera from range video and it is my first night flight. It is very clear and then gets snowy and distorted then goes back. Please excuse the video of my tv screen:p Just recieved a...
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    2.4ghz rc amp

    Hello all, it has been ages since I was here, but I have moved house to another state. Massive distraction to my hobby:p Anyway last time I was here I was recomended to use this booster to improve range of my dx6i. I...
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    Goggles battery wire melt down

    Hi, Today I plugged in my 2 cell battery as usual to power my goggles. Not long after the entire wire from battery connection to goggles connection started smoking and melted. I am no expert, but I feel this wire was faulty and shorted the battery. Bit dissapointed as I was planning a...
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    Want to increase my range a bit at a small cost

    Hey there, I just want to congratulate Alex on his system. It boggles my mind just thinking of all the time he must have spent creating this system. :eek: :DThanks And also thanks to all helpfull people here. I am SOOO glad I went down the rvosd path. It is a great community of people...
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    quick question regarding in flight menu scroll

    I fly with my elevator reversed so when I push stick up plane goes up. So when I try to scroll through menu in flight I push stick up the cursor moves down and vice versa. Can I change this? Thanks, Justin
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    Would love to get some pointers on my first fpv setup.

    Hi, I am brand new at fpv and I have constructed my first fpv setup. I am having some problems. They are as follows: 1. I have a dx61 and I read from another thread that it is possible to get at least a 1km (3500 foot) range. My failsafe kicks in sometimes at not even 300m los. 2. When...
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    GPS connector...have i damaged it?

    Hi, I think I may have damaged the connector on the cable that connects to the GPS. I made a silly mistake by pulling this little white connector through the foam with pliars. I have ordered another cable. However I am not sure if I damaged the actual GPS by trying to push it on. Can anyone...
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    two sets of fatshark goggles on one 900 reciever

    hi i am looking to use two sets of fatshark goggles from the one 900 mhtz reciever. this is for a passsenger. can this be done or will the two interfere with eachother. Thanks, Justin
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    DX6i and 6200 reciever failsafe please help

    Hi, I have just got my rvosd and am having trouble with setting up failsafe. I have read other threads on this, but still struggle to understand. I have read that the glitch counter does not work for failsafe on spektrum, but that is what comes up when I do the RC wizard. And yes I have...