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    RVOSD G6 available

    If anyone is looking for an RVOSD unit, I have several I am willing to part with. $175 shipped within USA. Comes with RVOSD, compass, and remote. Contact me here or on RCGroups (bovick).
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    Help with cruise altitude

    I've been using RVOSD for a while now and mostly have things worked out with my platforms. Recently, I changed over a spare finwing penguin to rvosd and have an issue. Above cruise altitude + altitude limit the plane glides nicely with glide throttle in effect. Below cruise alt + alt limit...
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    Strange RTH / heading behavior

    On a recent flight I had some worrying behavior in regards to the RTH just making the plane spin circles. The compass was also generally not very reliable for this flight. Also I saw that the temp was incorrect... could this be related? Speed reading is strange to me as well, but I thought...
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    GPS Disconnected

    On one of my RVOSD installs I'm getting GPS disconnected for very short periods (~1 second) intermittently. Over a 20 minute flight, I've seen this pop up once or twice for about a second. GPS cable has hot glue on both gps and rvosd sides. Is it possible for 1W 1.2ghz video tx (yes I know...
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    Loss of plane - related question on RVGS

    I just had my Penguin decide to try and go to china the direct way... through the ground. I was out over 2km when something strange happened and caused the plane to rock to the right side very hard. It leveled out but then a few seconds later, did it again. I couldn't really react quickly...
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    RSSI over CPPM

    Could we get the ability to read RSSI straight from CPPM without needed extra servo cable just for rssi? Most UHF systems now support injecting link quality into one of the channels. This would be nice so we don't have to run 2 long servo cables out to the rx when rx is placed far out on a...
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    Feature Request

    Would it be possible to have a default full time stabilize mode with gains controlled by dial? I've had this on another system and I've realized that I REALLY like it. Simply turn down dial and launch or fly manually.. and turn it up as/when needed to a level depending on wind or mood...
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    LRS / Telemetry

    If I buy G6 from someone, what happens once the additional module is ready from rangevideo? Am I able to get it?
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    Unlock code

    Alex, When you have a moment, I need unlock for 29787:58375 please. thanks.
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    RVJET Vibrations

    Ok, so I have my RVJET fully set up and ready for test flights with the foam nose.. however, I am having trouble getting the vibrations out. Using RVOSD on RV vibration mount, with RV Power pack, and carbon fiber prop. I used a 0.01+- milligram accuracy scale to match weights on prop halves...
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    Accelerometer not detected, Magnetometer not detected?

    Hi, The RVOSD 5.1 I have in my 2.6M glider just did something worrying.. RVOSD started up fine as usual, got home set, and then I went in menu and set new neutrals as I had just made some small adjustments on servo horns. The problem occurred when I went to save settings... the second I...
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    Product request.

    Any chance of getting a simple OSD that just sends the needed tracking info to the groundstation to be able to use RVGS in various planes without having to have 10 RVOSDs? (I already have 4! ;) ) It sucks that the tracker is useless without a full RVOSD unit in the plane.. especially for ones...
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    I recently got my third RVOSD unit (G5.1 Batch 1) and installed in my Radian (lightweight foam floaty glider), which I use to test most new FPV stuff as it basically flies itself anyway. Tested both FBW & RTH worked fine. Vibrations were minimal as I already have it set up nicely for that from...
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    RVGS questions

    Waiting for RVGS to arrive in mail, I was wondering what the word is on specs vs previous version. There seem to be a lot of reports of previous RVGS not handling the larger servos for pan/tilt. I'm trying to figure out what to get for the pan/tilt frame and if a ubec will be needed for the...
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    Audio vario

    Alex, Any chance of having audio feedback instead of just video for vario? Something like sound from LastOneDown.. Can RVOSD add it's own audio into the video/audio output? I'm sure you are super used to the visual OSD display and know it so well you can track every bit of info while...
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    RVGS -- seriously, ballpark ETA?

    Been waiting on this forever now. I had a hodgepodge of various OSDs/autopilots and standardizing on several RVOSDs. However, a large driving factor was also the nice RVGS system I anticipated being available "any day now". I understand that there are various delays in production of something...
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    Servo twich on CPPM

    I've just set up my third OSD (love RVOSD!), and this is my first 5.1 version (previous 5.0). Using Futaba 8FG 2.4ghz with TFR4B with combined PPM output. Disabled failsafe on TX just in case that was causing issue (as recommended by FrSky for TFR8). I have seen previous post in 2011...
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    Suggested gains settings (Zephyr II and others)

    For those out there that have their system pretty well dialed in, would you mind posting the gains settings in RVOSD you are using? Personally, I'm looking for some validation on ideal settings for a ritewing Zephyr II (with COG right where it should be). Also thoughts on having this set up one...
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    RSSI min higher than max

    Is this normal? I got an EzUHF hooked up in Combined PPM mode, with RSSI to PWM1. However, with TX nearby, I get a reading for max rssi of something like "627". Getting my friend to drive over a few streets with the tx, I now get a number for my min rssi as "942" What's the deal here? Is...
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    GPS takes forever to lock. Help

    I've finally got 1 flight with the RTH settings worked out and vibrations mostly eliminated. However, the GPS at default HDOP setting takes over 10 mins to lock, and at 1.3, takes more than 20 mins (I lost patience, and stopped at 20 mins). I have heard that vTx / antenna (I'm on 1.3ghz)...