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    What should be used to connect skid to bungee

    Hello, I did my first Bungee launch the other day, and although it was successful my parachord in which I made a loop that connected to the built in skid hook hung up and snagged a liitle before releasing from the bungee. I was wondering what you guys were using. The Key chain rings and...
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    RVJET Quesitons

    Hello everyone, I am currently trying to decide on my first FPV plane, although I'm in the middle of building a next level Quad and have lots of experience flying Large nitro/gas scale warbirds, and Helis(not so much electric). None the less, while building the Quadcopter I decided I wanted a...
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    First FPV setup recomendations

    Hello everyone, I was recommended to come to Range Video to buy my Video/FPV gear. I was wondering if anyone could list and recommend a setup that will suit my needs. I am in the middle of building my first Quad Copter, a Next Level 650mm . I'll be using my old Futaba 9CH radio with a 2.4...