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  1. Barnstormer

    RVJET Tandem Fuselage Build from concept to Maiden

    This will document my journey from beginning to Maiden. I Will update progress as I Progress 1st Step was Calculating Power System Next had to design a method of Connecting the two fuselages together and mounting Areal mapping Camera First 3D printed prototype I Figured wile I...
  2. Barnstormer

    Painting RV-JET with Rust-Oleum paint

    This is an awesome method of painting the RV-Jet with great long lasting results. This will give you a plane that looks as good as it flys Rust-Oleum Offers eye Candy Colors in 1/2 Pint & 1 Quart Cans Link to Full Res Photos Use Rust-Oleum NON areasol paint Thin with Mineral...
  3. Barnstormer

    Pixhawk 2.1 In RV JET

    PIXHAWK 2.1 & RV-JET This information is based on my experience with installation, setup and first flight. The RVJET fly’s like it’s on rails with the Pixhawk 2.1 first thing I noticed was while doing areal mapping it always tracked on target could make tight 100ft 180...