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    RvOSD 5.0 identify current sensor?

    Bought an unused G5.0 with current sensor. Seller was unsure witch type current sensor this had. Can anyone identify if this sensor are 70A or 100A?
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    RVOSD and 4S main battery

    My flightcam and vtx can handle above 3S/12V. If the jumper are set correctly for 12V, are the 4S main battery simply just passing thru the 14v?
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    Laminate my RVJ

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    Rvjet, Defective Esc?

    Testflight with my RvJet today. The speed controller "pulsates" the throttle. (Turn volume up and it's possible to hear it). When FbW in the RVOSD (G6) are engaged, it's get even worse and the wing starts to "wobble".... Bad Esc?
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    The new current sensor on rvosd g2

    I Have installed an rvosd g2 in one of my bixler planes... Can I use the new sensor from my RVOSD G6 on the older G2?
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    G6 firmware upgrade

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    Current sensor tuning, or faulty unit?

    My Rvjet with the powerpack motor, esc and prop, RVOSD G6 100A current sensor. When maiden my new rvjet, I noticed current draw passing 65A pretty often. The 65A esc should burst into flames on first flight....? In the G6 main menu 2/4 , there is a "Curr sensor adjust" choise. When the...
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    RVOSD G6 Unable to set waypoint speed

    No matter how I try setting speed, it stays on 0 All other settings as Lon/Lat altitude are set...just unable to set speed :(
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    RvOSD G6 - No sat lock from GPS

    Finally got finished with my RvJet build. Setup of the RVOSD by Boopidoo's guidelines, all seems to be working okay, accept the GPS puck does never find ANY sats! :( Tested outside on clear day, but finally I gave up after several tryouts with more than 10min in searching sats.... The GPS puck...
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    Rvjet launcing in "Fly by wire"?

    My rvjet/rvosd build are ready for maiden. I will use bungee launch with an catapult until I get to know the bird well enough to try hand launch. The PnT dome are tested ok, but not in use until the jet has been tested. What auto pilot mode should be enabled during launching...FbW?
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    RVOSD G6 and Futaba T8J

    Mybe I have read too much, and gotten blind here while setting up my Rvjet :o Cannot get the autopilot modes and screen toggle to function on an 3-pos switch on my Futaba radio. My ezUHF tx is working ok and I completed the wizard in rvosd ok. Connected an servo cable from ch8 on the ezUHF...