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    RV 40 ch 5.8GHz VTX

    Hello from Slovenia. I can not find any better place to place this issue, so sorry if this is not right place. On my mails RangeVideo has not answered yet. If anybody can help: I have RVJET and want to use 40 ch RV 5G8 VTX. I have all my FPV 12V. In the VTX description there is a note to solder...
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    Motor and prop specs

    Hi, I am from EU-SLOVENIA. I am interested in some specs about stock 900KV motor. I want to use my spare 4S5300mAh batteries but there is no info about watts, thrust, amps and combo with motor/prop combs (13x8, 12x6, 12x8,....). Someone??? Thanks.