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    G6 Sense and Avoid idea

    Alex is it possible for the G6 OSD's be programmed to do 'sense and avoid' each other. Like being able to set the minimum distance they can be apart. Then turn away if too close. They can already see each others telementry so I thought this could be implemented.
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    To Everybody

    Happy Christmas, Merry New Year Everybody.
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    RVOSD almost to space

    Here is a osd almost making into space then flown back down from over 14 km's alt
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    My Very Sad day

    My Very Sad day...but it got better the next. I'm pissed, I'm Mad, I'm upset, I dont know what I am. :-X :-\ :'( :'( Figured I'd go out for a dusk flight. All is Ok. launch goes without a hitch. I fly around for a while and this...
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    First FPV flight of the year.

    Finally got some great weather to get out. Boring flight but was making sure all worked as it should. Just audio on recorder has to be checked This is what you get when everything on the osd is dialed in..............i think. Old G2 with upgraded board.
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    9XR settings for the G6

    Thought I'd share my settings. Hope it help others. As my new airframe will require 10 channels to operate all the functions. So the remote needs to be set for 10 channels Setup pg 2/11 E. Limits ON Mixer pg 5/11 CH1 87% THR...
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    RVosd and 9XR

    Anybody have a 9XR set to operate the rvosd. And if so, mind sharing your settings. I can get the 3 way working but not the failsafe using under throttle.
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    Quick night video from the weekend

    Did this around 9:30 Sat Aug 18. Had a couple of glitches I didn't like so I better land. And a bit of a noise issue from my forcefly system.
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    Alex I was recording a video Last Thursday and noticed the Day was wrong. It was using UDT/GMT. Is this normal for it?
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    GS Tracker build

    Thought I'd post my tracker here. Uses lazy susan bearings with high torque servo's for motion. The bearings take the stress off the servo's just in case. I'll be use differant antennas on it. A 900 mhz Yagi and 2 diy BiQuads. One 900 mhz and other 1280 ghz. The Bi's I did a interchangable...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Too All.:D Martin
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    GPS memory

    Alex I have the new gps and upgrade board. My question is how long does the memory keep in the gps with out power to the osd? Mine lasts about an hour then the gps does a stupidly long cold start (20+ minutes). Which is a real PIA. My old 5hz starts up a whole lot faster then the new. Martin
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    My way of dealing with vibrations.

    Here's what I'm trying. Made a base to hold 4 CD dampers. Glued small wood studs to Rvosd and base. Studs hold quit well. Put connector on end to run the least amount of wires. All power will be on connector and will add caps to filter any noise out. It will attached to the plane with velcro...
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    HLT10 LCD Tv

    Alex the website states that this Tv doesn't go blue screen on static. I have one and with no signal it go's black with a no signal message. :confused:
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    January ENDS in 11 Days

    When does the new stuff come out? :confused: My rash isn't getting any better from waiting. :(
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    What Plane is that??

    Alex what plane is that on the front page of RV's site? Looks very interesting:D
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    Dont click on before208 threads at all

    Dont open berfore802 thread at all You may get infected with trojin
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    REMOVE PAPPER782 (trojan alert)

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    Strange Problem

    :confused:I cant get my GPS to update faster then 1hz. I did the 3.05s update. I get sat lock no problem but slow. I changed to 10 hz and saved, it then counts continusly (I unpluged at count 188). Switched back to 5 hz saved, powered off, back on and the same, Slow updating. What can you...
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    latest flight today

    Second of 3 flights today. testing out modes. this is raw so eddited will be later as it's a little long.