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  1. reznikvova

    Did anyone lose an airplane with RVOSD on board? Found one

    A kind R/Cer has found a lost plane: "onboard was an OSD, the Main Board V2.1. with Video board hardware V5.0. It appears to be warranty sealed at 2009 2010 /10. My idea is there cannot be too many off us in this area that are RVOSD customers,within the "range" of 2 x 3.6mAh LiPos. If you good...
  2. reznikvova

    Heads up! There will be a sale on May 30 , 31

    Better prices on some popular products. Two days only. Best, Vova
  3. reznikvova

    Gen4 pics

    Gen 4 RVOSD and IR sensor samples are in my hands. They will finally be in stock around the 22nd. :D . Vova
  4. reznikvova

    Waypoint sequencer liability form

    This is for guys in USA or Canada ,who want to gain the waypoint sequencer function, which lets the autopilot fly to 16 user definable 3D waypoints- then return to home. All instructions are in the PDF file.
  5. reznikvova

    Поддержка на русском

    We understand Russian language here, people. Best, Vova
  6. reznikvova

    RVOSD Gen 1 Menu Options and adjusts (may apply to Gen 2 users)

    RVOSD Menu second revision, October 22, 2008 ============================ Use Mute key to cycle screens Use channel+ and channel- keys to cycle thru all the menu options. Use Volume+ and Volume- keys to modify menu items Autopilot Menu: -Door to the autopilot submenu GND DIST...
  7. reznikvova

    Return to home autopilot

    Tuning RVOSD return- to- home autopilot: First use 'test on ground' AP mode to confirm servo movement is correct for elevator and rudder. This mode will simulate the autopilot working. You can change the direction of servo movement by toggling normal/inverted. Next select 'test in air' AP...