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    PIXHAWK vs. EagleTreeSys Vector SetUp in RVJET

    Is there someone that has used both controllers in the RVJET and which one performed the best in your opinion?
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    RVOSD V6 with Airspeed kit for sale (never out of the box) $250

    1) Will the 3drobotics airspeed sensor work w/the RVOSD? 2)Why was the RV airspeed sensor not purchased w/the RVOSD?
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    Will the RVOSD be fully functional with a Spektrum DX8

    1) How many switches will need to be programmed on the Spektrum DX8 in order to use all of the RVOSD v6 features? 2) A receiver with how many channels would be necessary (on a fixed wing which also has flaps) in order to fully use the RVOSD? 3) Would there be instructions available to...