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    RvOSD 5.0 identify current sensor?

    Bought an unused G5.0 with current sensor. Seller was unsure witch type current sensor this had. Can anyone identify if this sensor are 70A or 100A?
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    Pitot Tube problem

    Thank you IMEIV. :)
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    RVOSD G5 Barometric Altitude bad readings

    I got to try this `reboot` as I got issues with my G6 airspeed sensor witch reads speed all over, and often intermittently goes out totally and reading zero speed...
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    Pitot Tube problem

    I have exactly the same issue with my airspeed sensor on my RvOSD G6. Did you find an solution?
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    RVGS, instructions...

    I got my new RVGS delivered by the postman, and also buildt me an small and simple box to mount the tracker on top, and the 1G3 vRx, 5G8 repeater, powerbox and battery inside. Waiting for an cpatch12 antenna, as my big helical was to heavy for the tilt servo. :) When setting heading offset, how...
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    RVOSD and 4S main battery

    Thank you Alex :)
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    RVOSD and 4S main battery

    My flightcam and vtx can handle above 3S/12V. If the jumper are set correctly for 12V, are the 4S main battery simply just passing thru the 14v?
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    RVGS, instructions...

    Ordered the RVGS and SPT200 pant/tilt system with HS-5485HB servos. One of the servos are 180' range...the other "programmable". Are the programmable one able to pan 360 then? I'm planning to mount my 7.5turn 1.3Ghz helical on the SPT200 using an manfrotto quick release clamp. The antenna are...
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    RV jet Prop Size and ESC

    What about an 12x6 ?
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    Latest firmare version for your OSD

    Top service indeed! :)
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    Laminate my RVJ

    . .delete
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    Rvjet, Defective Esc?

    Thank you Pegru, Just ordered an Hitec HPP-21 servo tester, and will try this then. :)
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    Rvjet, Defective Esc?

    Just ordered an new Rv65A Esc from rangevideo. This throttle issue are not solved, but I cannot find the cause.... If an new Esc does not solve this...yet another expensive troubleshooting.. :p
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    Rvjet, Defective Esc?

    Testflight with my RvJet today. The speed controller "pulsates" the throttle. (Turn volume up and it's possible to hear it). When FbW in the RVOSD (G6) are engaged, it's get even worse and the wing starts to "wobble".... Bad Esc?
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    The new current sensor on rvosd g2

    I Have installed an rvosd g2 in one of my bixler planes... Can I use the new sensor from my RVOSD G6 on the older G2?