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    RVOSD6 constant blue and green lights, DEAD or ALIVE?

    Hi, The blue and green LEDs show that the PSU is working and providing output on the video in/out ports. If you confirmed that you have a good video signal going into the RVOSD and get no video out it usually means that the RVOSD video board is toast. This is definitely a hardware problem...
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    RVOSD G5-G6 instructions (work in progress...)

    Uses the pitot tube if it is installed. I believe RVOSD will use GPS groundspeed if you do not have the airspeed sensor installed.
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    Pixhawk 2.1 In RV JET

    What is the value of LIM_ROL_CD parameter?
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    I remeber asking for this years ago

    Hi Kelly, We hear you. There is something new in the works. It is brand new and nothing similar is selling now. I am also using the Pixhawk as well because customers are demanding the mission planning features. Auto take-off and auto landing are nice. I miss the nice integration of RVOSD+AP+...
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    Taranis RvOsd FW problem.

    It seems the RVOSD rudder output is connected to one of your servos. Can you confirm that RVOSD OUT1 and OUT2 are connected to your wing servos ?
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    RVOSD G5-G6 instructions (work in progress...)

    Hi ! Please see the attached picture. Solder all pins.
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    RVOSD 6 Variable Throttle ?

    Same problem here with the 6.07/6.03 firmware. Aux mode..
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    Hi All, Update to the RVLINK status. We are behind this schedule: Dec 22- 26th . Alex and I confirm the daughter board samples. Jan 1- 15 production and shipment of the mass produced daughter boards Jan 15- 20th test flying and final firmware revision to the RVLINK The production has been...
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    Firmware Rollback

    Hi Funky, I sent you a PM. I manage the office in Florida and also the production of RVOSD. We test and pack all the RVOSDs here. Our other task is to keep RVOSD users flying high and happy. Alex is the developer and all technical questions are , of course, better sent to him directly. Maybe...
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    The RVlink product does the following functions: 1. Spectrum analyzer in the 433MHz band. 2. RVOSD 'radar' communications between other RVOSDs nearby. 3. Long range R/C control. The transceivers on the air end and on the ground side are identical, but you need an additional daughter board to...
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    RVOSD G6 thread

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    RVOSD G6 thread

    Hi, The LRS coupon is tied to the original order number. You won't need to do anything. It is for a LRS Rx PCB which needs to be soldered to the RVOSD6. The LRS Tx is sold separate, well , its not even made yet :)
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    GPC gopro connector

    They are out of stock until 20 more days. Will add them back to the site soon.
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    Range Video Logo for video intros?

    I wish I had a larger logo to send, but the one on the website is the only version
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    No Video out from NEW RVOSD

    I checked the serial and I don't see anything wrong. I mean, it passed all checks and it must have worked in order to do that. Can you post a picture of your setup so that we can see if something is obviously connected the wrong way? Best, Vova