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  • Why do not you reply my to letter ? Information with unlock code is written in the personal reports, on a forum, ICQ Mail of does not work. Do you have problems ?
    hy vova, sorry if i disturb you but i need to use your sistem on a big ventus with a big engine!!! he absorbe maximum 90 amp....
    my question is, it is possible to change the sensor bymyself on the sensor board with a 100A one??? if i know the model, i can found it very easy!
    My order said it was shipped on the 18th to the correct address. However, I have not received it yet. its two orders 5709 and 5714. How about a tracking number?
    hi Vova
    can you tell me please what recorder are you use for your fpv videos.
    I was trying a small dvr and a laptop but the quality is very poor.
    hi Vova,

    You just sent me the unlock code but I cant seem to move off the initial screen. The remote seems to have no effect...I have also tried a spare sony remote that I had in the house. I do not have all the servos linked up that the problem?

    Please respond to my email from yesterday. Tx works but GPS still does not. Everything else seems to be OK.

    I really want to try and make this work because I have a lot of time and $$$ invested so far. The only problem I have is that you don't respond in a timely manner to my emails.

    I am happy to use email instead of telephone, but I would like you to respond in less than 2 or three days. I have searched the forums for answers first, but have found no solution to the GPS problem.


    Hi Vova,

    My wife place an order on 11/24/08 #4239. I added another one to it (12/28/08 #4505) and wanted to see if they will be shipped soon and to make sure they are sent to the address listed on order #4505. Looking forward to getting it, thanks for making a great product.

    Hi Vova
    I understand from Stephane67 that I need to send the top OSD circuit board for repair, please confirm that to me and do I need a return and repair order number or do I use the original order number for reference. How soon can I send it back, I’m aware that the stock is not available yet but there is shipping time to account for.
    Ok I need a new part, do I need to send the entire unit back to you for repair or do I buy the new part and solder it my self
    Alex asked me to contact you about this matter. Here is the problem. Let me know what to do next.

    Just purchased the OSD on December 12th. I followed the directions and hooked everything in the correct locations. I put the power jumpers in the correct configuration.Turned on the goggles and the camera was working great. I could read the word locked in the display. I waqs unable to unlock the OSD with my remote which was programed for Sony TV. So I unplugged the camera to see if it still said locked in the display and then I plugged it back in and no video just a blue screen.

    I hooked the camera up to the tx without the OSD and everything worked great. So I checked the voltage on the video in and the meter read zero. I checked the voltage for the video out and it read 5 volts. So the problem is there is no voltage to the video out. This all happened within a few minute of the first time I turned on the OSD. There was no smoke or noise to indicate something went wrong.

    Hi, I'm very happy and very excited with the RVOSD. I already made my first flight. Besides Alex is helping me, for whatever the language.

    A greeting. :)
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