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  • Hi Vova
    I need unlock code
    id 12045:4259
    mailing office date stamp 10/10/2009
    The order # I do not have at the moment

    thank you
    Hi Vova,

    I send you a mail cocnerning a deffective RV OSD. Can you please answer to this mail ?
    Hello Vova , Please can you reply to my mails , I have sent you multiple mails asking fro the shipping tracking number . Thanks
    order. : 7149.

    please let me know if you have received my emails

    rewritten below my details

    GEN 2

    Sokratis damoulakis
    Vova sory this is the correct email..i need new unlock code
    Order #5780
    gen 2
    Thanks Sokratis

    And directions how to unlock ths system
    I need new unlock code!
    ID 43452:48488
    The order # I do not have at the moment, sorry..
    Order #6748

    Can you please ship to different address that is now listed as my primary? Also please run my card for the antenna and the repair/replace TX for $60 For the full amont of $80. Please let me know if this is ok. Thanks again for helping me with everything.
    vova i have a little problem with the piece of the big dashboard is exploded...
    may i send a photo to you just to try to found a solution?? i can solde the piece becouse i have an smd soldier but i need to know whitch component i have to use! tnx... antonio!
    Hi Vova.
    Can you help-me about order 6249 ??? You know when it is schedule to be delivere ??? thanks
    please response.......HI Vova...if the rvosd is damage how i will send it to you so will be repair ?
    hi Vova....1 month now i have the rvosdgen 2 verry happy until yerstaday ...i dont know ...but the unit is out of order...i connect many times the battery but i have signs only to thermo sensor...nothing alse..can you tell me how i will send to range video service the unit so to be repair ?
    Many thanks and sorry for my english !
    here is my order number...
    Sokratis Damoulakis
    Order #5780
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