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    RVOSD G6 available

    Hey, sorry I haven't checked back here in a while. I sent a PM with my contact info so we can communicate faster if you're still interested. The boards are the G6 versions. I can update the firmware for you if you like, but they should be running a fairly recent firmware. All items...
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    RVOSD G6 available

    If anyone is looking for an RVOSD unit, I have several I am willing to part with. $175 shipped within USA. Comes with RVOSD, compass, and remote. Contact me here or on RCGroups (bovick).
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    So, What's next for RVOSD?

    Not much activity on here, but I think it would be great to have a 'mini RVOSD' (gave this idea years back on this forum.. look how popular the mini APM/pixhawk units are!) If anyone in charge cares to listen, I think RVOSD's strength is the OSD, so a custom light/small board that does a kick...
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    No GPS Lock

    I've been there. It's possible that it's RF interference, but generally the GPS is trash. It is one of RVOSD's definite weak spots. Isolate it away from any other sources of RF and see if works better.. I really wish I hadn't bought so many RVOSD units... very little development, and very...
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    RVOSD v6 and Dragonlink V3

    If I understand correctly, you've already tried 8 channel setup on TX and RX? I had a very similar glitch trying to use PPM from a TFR4-B RX on FASST with RVOSD 5.1 & 6. Using a different PPM enabled RX worked but any one of multiple TFR4-B rxs would not work on PPM... I never got exactly what...
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    RVOSD G5-G6 instructions (work in progress...)

    Yep, this is really key. I had two crashes because of freaking out and flicking the switch the wrong way :rolleyes: Nice to be able to set up a single three position switch with positions being manual / selected flight mode / rth. Then using this same switch set up for all fpv platforms...
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    Yes, but Koray, you have your own groundstation software setup etc. The rest of us mortals have pretty much nothing from RV supporting the RVOSD. So Vector's offering is something vs basically nothing from RV. I don't care for the Vector for several reasons, but the apm/pixhawk is really...
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    Emergency RTH Cancel request

    Maybe a setting to fly level for x seconds before RTH kicks in when there is signal loss? I had the same exact situation (on the way back from an endurance flight, wind kicked up and battery ran out while still 1km out). I glided and looked for a safe place (video would cut if throttle was up...
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    I love RV but despite the recent boom in FPV and surely their business, they still operate more like a one man shop... and sadly not a very diligent one. (Mike from Dragonlink is on top of everything, very active on forums, and super responsive to repairs, issues, etc so it can be done even with...
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    I fear vova's already turned the car around and we're headed backwards :rolleyes:
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    Another year.. almost another x-mas and no rvlrs. :sigh:
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    Any chance of us active members on the forum getting some of the first few tested units? :D
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    Bump for info.
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    Help with cruise altitude

    No, everything is pretty neutral and RVOSD has the trim saved as it should. Unfortunately, further testing lead to bad crash. GPS lost signal and RTH did not work. The GPS was even soldered on the board side.. this is getting stupid. Have 4 other fpv rigs running great on APM & Pixhawk with...