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Alex Villa

Alex Villa

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    1. Alberto Leon
      Alberto Leon
      Hola Alex,
      Tengo el RVOSD gen3. Como hago para conectar el autopilot (cualquiera de las opciones)? Asigne la llave de 3 punto y me cambia de pantalla perfecto cuando la pongo UP....pero no puedo activar el autopilot cuando la DOWN. En la prueba de servos de mi radio Futaba 10CAP si veo que la barra del canal 8 (el que uso) se mueve para arribay para abajo cuando la pongo up y down pero no me activa el autopiloto. Gracias por tu ayuda. Alberto
    2. rjsaff
      I installed the DSB and was working normally, I did all the settings in the menu and everything was fine. Turn off all equipment and some time later I called again and now the video signal generation. The controls are working, but no video, tried all connections, even turn on the camera directly into the video tx and is normal. What could be happening?
    3. ali
      hi, i m new to fpv. can u please tell me the different setting that rvosd requires like row roll and different angle gains settings etc.
      i m confused to set it, because its my first time.


    4. yurdakut
      Dear Alex,
      my freind bought 4 th generation RVOSD which includes
      (1) RVOSD
      (1) 10Hz GPS
      (1) PICkit 2 USB Software Updater
      (1) 100A Current sensor
      (1) Temperature sensor
      (1) IR Remote
      (3) 150mm male to male servo wires
      (3) 300mm male to male servo wires
      (1) KX131/KX191 camera to OSD connector
      (1) KX171 camera to OSD connector
      (1) DX201 camera to OSD connector
      last night with my friend we try to connect system to camera and RX-TX system.first light on the RVOSD was on and try to connect the camera.We used Lipo battery and we did not jumper the system because system is ok for 11 V lipo.but on the other hand for TX-RX system one cable has 4 line other cable has 3 line.first RVOSD worked we took view from camera.but second time when we connected these cables, RVOSD light was not on or flashing or blinking.We did not smell any steam or see any fire or dark area.but I think something has happened...I wrote this action to RVOSD customer area but unfortunately no answer.Do you think RVOSD was burned or crashed?
      What can I do?maybe one of the dealer reads my question.
    5. EDI PAULO
      Hello Alex
      I having been flying LOS for couple years now and i realy like to get into fpv. i`m looking to fly around 3 to 5 miles, here`s what i have in mind and please point me to the right direction.( if you see anything wrong just change:

      -Multiplex EZ*
      -Align 430 2250kv motor
      -Thunderbird 36amp esc.
      -TP 3s 2250mah lipo
      -Aileron and rudder mods.
      -Futaba 72mhz with dragonlink boost?
      -AVS 900mhz or 2.4ghz ?
      -RSOSD 4 gen.
      -Patch receiver antena?
      -oracle video diversity?
      -Fatshark rcv922?

      Remember that`s my list that i have in mind i don`t have any of this parts yet, so any changes you think i should do it, please let me know. Thanks for your time Alex. Sincerely Edi.
    6. Paul Slifker
      Paul Slifker
      did you recieve my rvosd yet , its not working?
    7. popa15
      Hi Alex, has broken inductor L4 on videoboard (small board). What characteristics at L4? Please, show to me on DigiKey.
    8. flyinghighcam
      Hi ALEX:

      My RVOSD is gen3, these day I connect the 11.1V main battery to current board, and connect current sense cable to RVOSD ,but the RVOSD can not output video to screen(red and green light is on).

      but when I use 11.1v connect into AUX bat or MAIN bat in, then RVOSD can work very well, please tell me what's going on and how can I fix it?

      Is the current board bad or I have to send it back to you to fix it for me or I can do it myself?
    9. jorgeceneca
      hola alex
      hace tiempo te comente el problema que tengo con la camara DX201 DPS que se ve con falta de calidad de imagen me comentaste de que te mandara una imagen pero mi sorpresa es que al grabar un video se ve en la grabacion bien .

      he cambiado de pantalla y la he probado en una tv lg full hd y se ve mal no se que puedo hacer.

    10. Rosa
      Hi Alex,
      pleas you can let me know which kind of IR sensor I can use for OSD 3? Thank you for answer
    11. bruce so cal
      bruce so cal
      I will be back later with time is limited,must go now.
    12. bruce so cal
      bruce so cal
      Hellow Alex,im new at this and i have alot of questions...I have 900mhz system from range video...have not used it yet...I like your gen 3 osd, very nice.
      Hi Alex, Please send me the unlock code

      ID: 4624:22817
      video: 2.20, sensor 3.02
      Order Number: 5911

      Norbert Ofmański
    14. ponderouspilot
      Hello Alex,
      Is it possible to have the thermopile sensor heads on flying leads
    15. lineman13
      Hey Alex, I'm setting up my waypoints for my osd. How do I get the plane to fly the waypoints. I have the waypoints entered, but what setting should the AP be on when I toggle the three way? Also does the plane fly the waypoints in order from 0 to 4?
    16. lineman13
      just a quick question. How do you get rid of the GPS coordinates on the top of the screen? I remember seeing a thread about it, but I can't seem to find it again. Everything else is awesome, just wanted to clear some screen space.

    17. wda38
      Sent an e-mail about my order I made a week ago. Order 7514. Haven't heard back and status hasnt changed.

      Please reply to And please expedite delivery.
    18. dessine moi un avion
      dessine moi un avion
      living in France I am not entitled to the sequencer, but how to use flight waypoints that I just enter the menu?
    19. tecnicomelilla
      Hola alex esta mañana me ha pasado en 2 vuelos que al encender el osd me salia la imagen muy oscura y sin datos de vuelo lo he intentado 2 veces apagar y encender y se ha solucionado comentarte tambien que el gps perdia la covertura sabrias que puede estar ocurriendo

      gracias y saludos
    20. lineman13
      Hey Alex, have you found out when you are going to be selling replacement current sensors yet. It's the only thing I need to be back in full action. Thanks

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